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Submitting Your Resume

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    Please attach your resume in MS Word (.doc) file format, if possible.  Thanks!
  • Fax to: 416-925-2975


We appreciate your interest in joining our SkyLink Express team. If you can legally live / work in Canada, maintain a security clearance and meet our minimum position qualifications below, please send us your resume. We will retain and apply it toward any appropriate, available positions throughout the following 6 months.


** Expanding our national team for continued growth **

CYVR - Vancouver, BC
Flt Crew + Mtce Base
208 Capt 

  Mississauga, ON

All positions filled
CYWG - Winnipeg, MB
Flt Crew + Mtce Base
  CYHM - Hamilton, ON
Flt Crew + Mtce Base

1900 FO


  CYMX - Mirabel, QC
Flt Crew Base  
All positions filled
      CYQB - Quebec, QC
Mtce Base

All positions filled

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Flight Ops

SkyLink Express accepts resumes for Pilot positions in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Hamilton, & Montreal.

Minimum Flight Crew qualifications:
  • Must be legally entitled to live / work in Canada
  • Must be able to maintain a security clearance
  • Must have and maintain a Passport allowing travel to Canada / USA
  • Must have and maintain a US C1/D Crewmember Visa
    (only required for non-Canadian/non-American passport holders)
  • Must have and maintain a Canadian Category 1 medical
  • Must have and maintain a Group 1 Instrument Rating
  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs unassisted

B1900 Captains:

  • Canadian Airline Transport Pilot's Licence
  • 2000 hours total time
  • 500 hours multi-engine turbine
  • Experience on B1900 or similar type preferred

B1900 First Officers:

  • Canadian Commercial Pilot's Licence
  • Successful completion of IATRA or ATPL written exam
  • 800 hours total time
  • 75 hours multi-engine airplane
  • Experience on B1900 or similar type preferred
  • FO time on SkyLink 1900 reduces total time mins for Captain upgrades

C208 Captains:

  • Canadian Commercial Pilot's Licence
  • 1000 hours total time airplane preferred
  • Experience on C208 or similar type preferred

Flight Crew hired with a recent, valid PPC on type:
  • Begin employment at full salary plus per diems, benefits and allowances
  • Do NOT require any training agreement
Flight Crew accepting training / upgrades:
  • Begin employment at full salary plus per diems, benefits and allowances
  • Are provided all necessary training at NO personal cost
  • Agree to remain employed with SkyLink Express for 1 year as a reasonable return on our training investment
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SkyLink Express accepts resumes for Maintenance positions in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Hamilton, & Quebec.

We hire Engineers and Apprentices with experience on at least one on the following:

  • Beech 1900
  • Cessna 208
  • PT6 engine equipped aircraft

image of computer mouseAdministration

SkyLink Express maintains admin offices in

  • Mississauga, ON:
    HQ + Accounting +
    System Ops Control (SOC)

We hire professionals with experience in:

  • Accounting
  • Record keeping
  • Flight logistics